Only a diversified line of accessories turns a camera into a system suitable for everyday needs. From the outset the LEICA S2 has a wide range of specially developed accessories for adapting the camera to your individual requirements.


The multifunctional handgrip S fulfils a dual purpose: it holds an additional battery, improving the power supply, and offers a comfortable grip for vertical formats. A second release button and a click wheel facilitate freehand photography, for example, in case of shooting portraits. Optionally, the Leica Hand Strap S is available. It is made of neoprene and has got an innovative Velcro, which allows perfect hold and security.

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Multifunctional Handgrip S
Handstrap S


The Professional Charger S simultaneously recharges two batteries rapidly and reliably and can be operated in the car with a 12V power supply – ideal for mobile use.

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Professional Charger S
Battery S


The Leica SF 58 flash is ideally tuned to the S2: a high performance, rotating and swiveling zoom reflector and a secondary fill flash allow creative lighting outside the studio. Even while using flash, all exposure methods are available to the S2 owner: spot, multi-field and center-weighted exposure metering. High-speed synchronization (HSS) also allows flash photography at shutter speeds up to 1/4000 of a second with the focal plane shutter.

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Flash SF 58


The S2’s bright mirror reflex viewfinder can be adapted to your personal requirements and preferences with interchangeable focusing screens. Leica Microprism Focusing Screen S with manual focusing aids is now available. With the Gridded Focusing Screen S, the range now includes two optional focusing screens that permit optimum adaptation to the subjects and situations at hand. The standard focusing screen is supplied with the Leica S2.

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Standard Focusing Screen S
Microprism Focusing Screen S
Gridded Focusing Screen S


The Shutter Release Cable S enables a vibration-free shooting, for example for long time exposure or HDR shooting. Additionally, the interlock of the shutter release offers an ideal bulb mode support.

Order No. 16012

Shutter Release Cable S


The S-Adapters make possible the usage of third party lenses with the Leica S camera. The individual adapters are the Leica S-Adapter V for Hasselblad V System lenses, the Leica S-Adapter P67 for Pentax 67 system lenses and the Leica S-Adapter M645 for lenses of the Mamiya 645 system. When using the Leica S-Adapter, no mechanical or electrical functions, signals or data are transferred between Leica S system cameras and lenses.

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S-Adapter V for lenses of the Hasselblad V-system
S-Adapter M645 for lenses of the Mamiya 645-system
S-Adapter P67 for lenses of the Pentax 67-system

HDMI Cable S

With the Mini-HDMI-Cable you can connect your camera directly to a TV with an HDMI interface and play your photos and movies in optimum quality.

Order No. 14491

HDMI Cable S


This adapter allows all the Hasselblad H-system lenses to be mounted on a Leica S2 camera body. All lens functions, such as autofocus, central shutter control and automatic diaphragm are retained. The smart electronics of the adapter facilitate the complete integration of the lenses into the Leica S-System.

Order No. 16030

S-Adapter H

Case S

The case in the form of a cabin trolley offers not only ample space for an S camera and five lenses, but also for Leica S-System accessories such as the Leica multifunction handgrip S, quick charger, professional battery charger, USB cable, focusing screen, two batteries and the remote release cable. The compact dimensions of the case make it ideal for checking in as cabin baggage (compliant with IATA recommendation / may vary with some airlines, routes or booking classes). As is the case with all products of the Leica S system, the Leica Case S is also characterised by robust construction. When packed in the case, all system components are safely protected against dust and spray – even when shooting on location under extreme conditions.

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Case S