LEICA & MAGNUM PHOTOS: Jonas Bendiksen

Leica Camera presents a new video, which was created in partnership with Magnum Photos. It shows the story of Jonas Bendiksen photographing extreme skiing at the foot of Mont Blanc, under the toughest conditions, using the Leica S2.

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Leica S-Adapter H Lens profiles for Adobe software

To ensure the best possible image quality when using Hasselblad H lenses on Leica S-cameras with the aid of the Leica S-Adapter H, we have provided a set of lens profiles as a free download in the owners area for installation in Adobe image processing software packages.

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NEW: Leica Case S

Leica Camera has expanded the range of accessories for the Leica S2 with the new Leica Case S. The Leica Case S, which will be available as of June 2012, is the professional and elegant way to store and transport the Leica S-System safely.

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NEW: Update of the S-Magazine app for the iPad

The S-Magazine is a new platform for professional photographers to freely publish their latest pictures. In each issue, international photographers present powerful images, unusual facets and surprising perspectives: the camera system they use each time is the Leica S.




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New LEICA S2 firmware update (FW supports the Leica S-Adapter H

Leica Camera has released a new firmware update (FW for the Leica S medium-format system. Users wishing to bring their camera up to date can now download the update from the Leica owners' area and take advantage of the improvements.




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NEW: LEICA S-ADAPTER H enables the use of Hasselblad H lenses on the S2

Leica Camera presents a new accessory for the Leica S medium format system: the Leica S-Adapter H.





NEW: Lens portfolio expanded by five Leica S lenses with a central shutter

From October 2012 on Leica Camera will gradually expand the product range for the Leica S medium format system with five new central shutter lenses.

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NEW: Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 is now included in the S-System package

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 is considered to be the most professional image processing software currently available and, in combination with Leica cameras, guarantees ultimate image quality. As of today, the latest version of Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 is included in the Leica S2 medium-format system package.

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Exhibition loon

For the third time Leica presents it's leica@fashionweek exhibition. We are delighted to feature two artists who have a very unique, personal style, to show us the world through a cinematographic view.





NEW: The S-Magazine App for the iPad

The S-Magazine presents current ad campaigns and editorial photo series from international photographers. Beyond that, the S-Magazine reflects current trends in modern commercial photography - from fashion and beauty to interior design and still lifes. In the first issue of S-Magazine, the renowned fashion photographers Joachim Baldauf, Straulino and Manuel Pandalis present powerful images, unusual angles and surprising perspectives that were created using the Leica S-System.


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